Survive the Fog in Post Apocalyptic ZNA Kickstarter

December 20, 2014 by deltagamegirl22


In the year 2025, a strange and menacing fog moves over Boston leaving the people residing there living in fear and looking to escape. Many have mutated into killing machines and those who haven't are trying to survive.

ZNA contents

ZNA is a new Kickstarter from Funforge LLC. This is a cooperative, survival board game that plays off modular tiles. Players are one of 4 survivors: B-Mamma, John "the Eye", Smokey and Mia. Each brings their own survival specialties to the game. The miniatures look pretty awesome and the artwork captures your attention and pulls you into the game.

ZNA b-mamma

ZNA John

ZNA smokey


ZNA mutants

Because technology is key these days, this game will eventually have a supplement app that will bring all sorts of additional cool features to the game. The app will help drive scenarios, teach the game, construct maps and my personal favorite, allow you to hack drones to scan tiles for loot an potential trouble!

ZNA tiles

ZNA scan

Think you have what it takes to break free from the Fog?

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