NEW Series – The Beasts Of ASMR

April 1, 2016 by crew

Hey guys, as you know it's pretty stressful working at the Beasts of War studios and it's becoming an exhausting expense to keep flying Justin in from Barbados each week.

NEW Series - The Beasts Of ASMR

We're excited to announce the a new content plan to start creating daily ASMR videos to replace all of our existing content. Due to the hectic schedule of daily life for our viewers we're committed to creating the most relaxing videos to settle you in for the evening rest.

So sit back, relax, put on your headphones and enjoy the sweet delicious sounds from the studio.

Feel free to record your own reaction videos to show us how much you love our new ASMR content.

Much love, peace and joy from Beasts of War.

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