Fiendish Fabrications Trixie & A Pillow Fighting Game?

November 7, 2011 by brennon

Yes you heard it right, but first of all lets get to the matter of the model which you can see below from Fiendish Fabrications...

Trixie Gothica Miniatures

So this is the wonderful Trixie. A very steam punk miniature with a lot of character too it. How would you use her in your extensive miniature collections?

But what did I hear about a Pillow Fighting miniatures game? Ah yes, Fiendish have also created a small miniatures game surrounding the fight to become Supra-Kingsize Comfy Diva.

Pillow A Go Go Logo

Pillow A-Go-Go is an easy to learn game for 2-4 players that throws all those serious wargaming intentions out of the window. A game for all ages and only takes about an hour to play. Something you could possibly work into an evening?

Well, try out the rules for free here.

Does Trixie, or maybe the concept of a pillow fighting miniatures game take your fancy?

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