Japan’s Attack of the Clones?

July 25, 2011 by dracs

When I came into the studio today Lloyd showed me something on Culture Japan that was such a mind-melter I felt I should share it with the rest of you. Japan's attempts at human cloning!

Yup, Clone Factory in Japan are doing human cloning, but not as you'd expect it. First we take a handy test subject.

Sit him in a chair with lots of fancy cameras around him.

Assemble a 3D image of him using the magical jiggery-pokery and what-not of computers.

Then print out the clone using plaster.

Now all that is left is to clean off the unwanted plaster.

And you should be left with your very own mini-me.

Pretty amazing, if slightly pointless, stuff eh?

This got me thinking, what if this technology was applied to the world of wargaming? In the future you might send off some pictures of yourself to a miniature company and a week later be the proud army of a whole army of 28mm you!

Send your clones storming over the battle field, let the last thing your enemies miniatures ever see be hundred of your face marching onwards!

Until that day comes, we should all be ever wary of Japan's attack of the clones!

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