More Steam-Powered Shennanigans!

December 6, 2010 by beerogre

With my current hankering for all things steapmpunk, my Internet travels have been spreading ever outward from the shores of GB & Ireland to the countries of the European Union... I don't know... perhaps they "get" the whole steampunk thing a bit more over there?

Anyway, my wanderings took me to the doors of a German company called Tobsen77 Minituren. This little company has a surprisingly eclectic mix of Victorian steampunk and pulp sci-fi/weird World War miniatures... they even have a wooden hulled steam tank, of the sort suitable for some kind of renaissance or high fantasy game!

It really is a treat to come across some of these smaller companies who really are trying to "plough their own furrow" when it comes to miniature design. While it often seems that the wargaming market is blanketed by the latest new release from the likes of Games Workshop or Privateer Press, it's nice to find something different and fresh to pique your interest.

If I manage to find any more gems that I think people might like, I'll be sure to give you the heads up.

BoW Andy

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