When There’s Something Strange With Your Lego, Who Ya Guna Call?

January 31, 2014 by dracs

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Lego Cuusoo allows fans of the ever popular brick building toys to submit their designs for possible release as a regular Lego set. To celebrate 30 years of one of our favorite movies, one fan made set is going into production. Who ya gunna call?

Lego Ghostbusters

The Ghostbusters, in full blocky glory. Complete with their trusty vehicle the Ecto-1.


Ecto-1 Back

Designed by Brent Waller, the most awesome gang of paranormal investigators the world has ever seen are soon to get an official Lego release later this year.


It should be noted that all the images shown here are the original fan designs. The official set is still being worked on, so we don't know what will be included in it.

Still, seeing this brings back both my love of Lego and my love of the Ghostbusters. To see them combined is something of a nostalgia overload.

Are the Ghostbusters gunna help you deal with blocky ghosts?

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