The Over The Top Iron Sky Getting A Sequel?

June 5, 2013 by brennon

Iron Sky was the surprise indie hit about Nazis coming from the Moon for revenge against the world and it looks like it's getting a sequel if the IndieGoGo Campaign for Iron Sky: The Coming Race meets its target.

Iron Sky - The Coming Race

The sequel seems to be focused on something altogether more alien and if you watch the video above you might spy an odd face in the logo towards the end. It should be a big hint but I want to let you find it for yourself!

Iron Sky Graphic Novel

The fundraising campaign is looking to include the fans at every step of the process and you could even see this prequel graphic novel make an appearance too.

It certainly was a sleeper hit taking in a lot at the cinemas and afterwards on DVD. I'm sure this next film will be even more crazy.

Would you like to see a sequel?

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