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Game Hacks: 40k Death Battles In The Pit Of Champions!


“My character is better than
your character!”

Well, let’s see if we can settle
that score in Game Hacks
where we help you come up
with some rules for pitting
the heroes of Warhammer
40,000 against each other.

Game Hacks: Don’t I Know You From Somewhere?


Do you have a pile of old Codices and Armybooks lying around? Break out Arbaal the Undefeated or The Doom Rider and start using some of the old Special Characters that are no longer ‘legal’. See what kind of mischief you can make!

Game Hacks: SAGA Dice Betting For Boons & Busts!


Welcome to Game Hacks! This series will look at small but interesting little tweaks and additions you can make to your regular tabletop games. We’re kicking things off with some betting against the Norse Gods. Will you get a Boon or Bust?