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Review: Conquest? Where has this been all my life?

May 24, 2018 by twodeesick

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In Love

So I slapped eyes on some really interesting minis last year and the accompanying concept art.

I didn't know it at the time but it was Para Bellum's SPIRE Clone archers for their up coming game Conquest. I instantly knew they were minis I wanted to paint for my collection if nothing else so I cockily asked if I could get one to do so with.

Suprisingly they agreed and I received 2 Spire archers and a brute drone. As a thanks I used them for a wet blending tutorial that I put on the interwebs.

They are larger than your average mini (around 35mm scale). I know some folk are put off by different scale minis but I can totally appreciate why they have done so. The delicate Japanese influenced design of the bows of the Spire would be too frail in 28mm so the design would need compromises. Same too on the heads, hands and limbs. All are in perfect balance without big-head-and-hand syndrome. Since, I have started Wild West Exodus, which too is larger scale and I'm really appreciating the size for painting.

So tickle me I'm pressed with the mini quality! The design and artwork is masterful. I've heard staff members jokingly curse the artists for being late but then instantly forgiving them for the quality of what they present! And it's deserved. The artwork is rich and vivid. From the pencil sketches to fine oils, the world of Éä is really presented in a way that you could imagine being there.

To accompany the visuals are a plethora of well crafted and detailed stories and plot. The world of Conquest is based on the idea of no one version of the truth. World events are told through each faction from their own views and this really brings a sense of believability to the world.

Tickle me impressed a second time! I love the art and minis AND story telling... If the game is okay, it's a bonus.

For me it's more than a bonus. The movement, line of sight and magic are familiar to me as a veteran gamer. They are simple and intuitive but add them to the absence of a deployment phase, but rather Escalation, alternate activations and command card stacking replaces turn order and magic SCALES! yes, that's right, casting spells on more people or bigger things is more difficult! Who'd have thought? XD

The models themselves are presented on round bases, which look great but for tabletop play, they slip into square movement trays, or stands (provided with the minis), that are core to the game mechanics. Terrain features that can be occupied have been factored into this too (see garrison terrain in the rulebook).

The core rulebook is available free on the website and comes with a few starter scenarios and there's room for so much more. There is also an army builder on the website (albeit still under construction) to replace army books that require constant updating! It works really well for Infinity, that's for sure!

I'm privy to a demo set so have been lucky enough to play and it's everything I'm looking for. Slick, enjoyable game with modern rules, that's tactically rewarding in a mature and believable fantasy world.

Set for release on June 3rd, the range will be limited on release but the schedule sees 4 full faction s at the end of the first year of release when Para Bellum plan to escalate organised play in so much that our games will shape Eä as a world. The price is on point too. The two player set is priced at €80 for 81 minis, movement trays and everything you need to get started!

Can I knock anything?. . It's not a kickstarter, straight to retail so you won't see everything released in one big dump. It's being released in waves with a packed schedule but it will be a comparative slow grow so patience will be a virtue for the first year or so but I have been reassured that these guys will be around for an awful long time ?

Bottom line. These look to be doing everything right first time. Taking their time and paying attention to the details.

I'm very excited to see how this grows over the next year

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