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Review: Blood and Plunder: What a Game!!!

May 25, 2018 by bannockburn

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Having been easily cajoled into backing the Firelock Games Kickstarter for Blood and Plunder, I have to say its without doubt one of, if not thee, finest wargame I've played in 25 years. The models are incredibly detailed, and the resin ships exquisite, so that ticks the box for the painting/aesthetic side of the game. The use of cards for activation initiative means the game has a modicum of skill, not just the luck that sole dice games entail.

Set in the Golden Age of Sail, the first range of models/factions was a little limited, but with the overwhelming success of its first Kickstarter, Firelock have recently had a second hugely successful Kickstarter which has greatly expanded the force options, the ship ranges (including the simply amazing Galleon) and the narrative aspect of the game. The ability to play scenarios of land v land forces, amphibious assaults and ship to ship combat at 28mm is great. But customising battles and scenarios to suit a narrative allows the game to go to the next level.

And what really is the winner, is the historical aspect to the game. Will you play the Spanish invaders plundering the native resources? Or recreate the unltimately futile efforts of the indigenous populations to stem the Europeans tide?  The Pirate brethren will take any nationality, if you abide by their code...

The game has expanded rapidly over a year or so, and ventures into the 1700's... If you get a chance to play, or even see the game (and there are plenty of action reports of BoW), have a look and roll some dice. You wont regret it.

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