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Review: The wild west has never been so tense or so much fun.

May 26, 2018 by wesadie1969 Cult of Games Member

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Having played 1st edition I approached 2nd with a little trepidation.

Had they sorted out all the issues, was it still a convoluted mess?

Warcradle have made an easy to follow, action packed skirmish game. Gone is the tracking of wounds and masses of health, you have 1 health, a save based on your miniatures toughness (Grit) and for main characters a couple of special "saves" that can prevent death but will leave you vulnerable to other attacks.

What this does is make almost every dice roll a tense affair, you really do feel that every dice roll counts.

The basic rules are a joy to learn, all rolls are revolved around the magic number of 10, using d10's. For example if I want to shoot someone I refer to my characters aim, e.g. 6 I now know that I need to roll 4 or more on a d10 (6+4) to hit.

As you'd expect there can be hit modifiers due to cover etc but after a game or two it all becomes second nature.

I won't go into detail about the card and activation system as I'll let you discover this for yourself, which is extremely easy to do as everything you need apart form minis and dice can be downloaded from the WWX website.

All I can say is give the game a go, you will not regret it.

A final note that I believe makes this game a notch above the others is the community and the Warcradle staff themselves. You will soon discover that using the Dark Council facebook group is one of the biggest boons of the game. Ask a rules question on there and not only will the community quickly help out but you will also have Warcradle staff (Stuart) responding in record time.

For me the game is a 10/10

Great rules, great minis, great company and great community.

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I can only say that I agree with everything written in this review. This game truely is a rare gem, that I can only encourage people to try out.