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Art Direction


Review: The game everybody should be playing

As a backer of the original Kickstarter,  due to the gorgeous artwork, fantastic setting and especially the incredible miniatures, I was both thrilled and nervous when I heard about the changes of ownership of the IP for this game.

Thrilled because it meant that the game would continue production, and nervous as to what changes it might result in.

But now, about a year after Warcradle took over, I have to say that the changes in rules have only made the game deadlier, more interesting and last, but not least, more fastpaced.

The implementation of the card decks and the 1 wound rule, are all strokes of genious in my opnion.

The artwork and the IP development continues to impress me, and the quality of the sculpts are truely some of the best in the business.

But what really speaks to me about this game is the community - both in regards to the manufacturer as well as the player community.

Never have I encoutered a gaming manufactorer who interacts with its playerbase as much as Warcradle, they really listens to the ideas of the community and are really good at keeping the platers in the loop as to upcoming releases, plans, the public beta test, etc.

And I will recommend anybody with any interest in the game, to check out the Dark Council group on facebook to learn more of this wonderful gem of a game.

Once you've given this game a try you'll be hooked - it simply is that great.

- Jens

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