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Review: Dungeon Crawling in space... with lightsabers!

July 4, 2018 by collins Cult of Games Member


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Imperial Assault is a cracking game in the autumn of its life cycle. Have you ever wondered how it would feel to try and infiltrate an imperial facility to destroy a new weapon, or to fight the emperors personal guards sent specially to stop you? If you have then I recommend you give this game a go!

Although the 'tutorial' is not great, the mechanics of the game are solid and once you figure out how line of sight works on the grid based system you'll start pulling off some tricksy shots and getting super tactical with your extremely customisable hero characters.

Imperial Assault comes assembled but unpainted out of the box so can be enjoyed by all but to really increase your visual enjoyment you'll need to break out the paint brushes and head over to youtube to watch Sorastro's excellent tutorials to really make the game shine. Originally released in 2014 the game suffers slightly from the early sculpts being a bit soft however the newer models are sharp and done in such a way that makes painting them easy even for novice painters.

Each 'big box' of Imperial Assault comes with a new campaign which has a determined length but there are so many surplus missions and character choices that no one campaign will be the same. On top of that each time you buy a separate character you get another mission to add to the campaign to only increase the diversity.

The artwork used in Imperial Assault is a 50/50 mix of fresh new original material and stuff pilfered from other games that FFG own, eg the RPG games, X-Wing, Armada, Destiny etc. Its not a problem as there is so much content and crossover in the Star Wars universe that the same characters obviously pop up in many games.

In late 2017 a App was made with its own campaign that allows the role of the Imperial player to be automated. This was a great step forward as in campaign there can sometimes be occasions where 1 person is having a great time and 4 people want to murder them or 4 people are having a great time and the 1 person is getting absolutely trounced.

Finally, when you buy this game you're not just buying one game, your buying two fully supported systems. Campaign and Skirmish. both with the same rules but campaign is a story based adventure and skirmish is the tournament 'build a squad and kill everyone else'. Skirmish players often joke that they're playing their favourite game wrong.

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Yeah – as soon as I played this game for the first time, I immediately fell in love with it. The basic rules are simple, but the interaction between the different mechanics make it a highly complex experience with a lot of decision-making and planning during the game being required and rewarded. You never win or lose this game on your dice rolls. It is a game for players who – like me – love to get into the nitty gritty. If you try to play it in a beer and brezel-mindset, you miss out a lot, or the game… Read more »