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Review: One of the best Skirmish games I've played

July 14, 2018 by storminwolf Cult of Games Member

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In Love

I've been in love with the game for a good while, Great high-quality designs, fantastic Background, great easy to learn, in depth rules and balancing.

Now a friendly engaged and enthusiastic company owning the game and integration with formerly Spartans Dystopian setting, this is all anyone into steam Punk and alternate/weird history can dream of.

The rules and cards are free, but you can pick up a 20gbp RRP box with markers, rules, and dice. they have several great posses (starter boxes) and a wide range of really great and affordable Terrain (20 GBP for a full sized 35 mm pre-painted building, anyone?).

Only thing is that they update the rules and cards so often, it's a hassle to print them out all the time, so only a silver star for that, as a bit better of a lectorat could help as well to make the fairly easy rules more intuitively and easier to grasp, but it is a young system and that is truly just an imperfect icing on the cake.

If you're in Dublin, Ireland drop me a PM, we're starting a group here currently.

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Myself and a friend have recently started playing WWX and I completely agree with your comments.
Great game system, great models and great background but the frequency they change the cards is a pain.
Maybe an App similar to ones like Bad Things Happen or Crew Faux for Malifaux would be a good idea where the rules / cards could be automatically updated. (if you are watching Warcradle)