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Review: Wh40k... Everybody knows it but no reviews?

July 14, 2018 by storminwolf Cult of Games Member

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So the grim dark had no written review.

The models and the fluff as the art and writing are among the best on the market, no wonder, they dominate the market and GW is the big guy.

However, 40k has its flaws it is still very old fashion in the way it plays though 8the changed a lot for the better it is still an I go you go system.  But what must be said is that it is available everywhere and you will find players for it also everywhere, which no other game system can claim, there may be local contestants and there are a few bigger small players nowadays than a few years ago.

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Cult of Games Member

Having played every edition since 2nd Ed, I’m going to disagree with the “8e changed a lot for the better” comment.
Yes, 40k needed a clean up after the bloat that 7e codexes added to it (formation imbalance etc), but not to the extent that 8e went to. Having spoken to some of the rules team, the brief was “create a ruleset that tournament players can’t break”. So it was designed for tournament play at it’s core from the outset. This led to the stripping out of many elements of gameplay for narrative gamers such as myself, removal of terrain rules being the major one. Whilst the 8e book has a narrative section, it doesn’t feel at all narrative as soon as you begin to play. As I said to a friend once when we were talking about this, “Just because you write “feather” on a brick, doesn’t make it a feather” 🙂
For competitive gameplay, 8e 40k works fine, for narrative gameplay, play Horus Heresy instead.


Over all as some one who originally played 40k back in 3rd edition and think it’s best version of 40k I do really like what they did with 8th edition. 7th edition had too many special rules in both rule book and all codices as well as every unit type having they own rules with new ones having been added in. I can say that I am enjoying 8th edition far more than I enjoyed 7th edition. Sure some veterans aren’t happy about 8th edition but it’s clear that GW wouldn’t had been able to make everyone happy so to them making game more beginner friendly was right choice as it helps to bring in new blood around 40k and to hobby in general.