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Review: My First Forray

July 14, 2018 by squattingmonkey

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WWX was my first intro into true tabletop gaming (I had played X-Wing, but it feels too different to qualify).  I was initially drawn to the great models and theme; you can only walk by this game once or twice without diving in.  This was during the last vestiges of the first edition.

When the second edition came out I was elated to see Warcradle at work —free cards and rules available for download, upgrade kits sold bundled and separate for convenience (Gubbins), and staff that is very active online and extremely amiable in person.  I recently posted a question to our San Antonio game group and within minutes Stuart was answering —I can’t usually get service that good when I post to a company’s forum!

The game has been further streamlined and given more tactical gameplay through action and adventure decks and there is no longer any health to track—brilliant.

The writing and lore is great at times, but not always consistent, a common challenge for lore that has to inform game mechanics.  Warcradle is tying WWX in with the Dystopian Wars, broadening the world and giving more context to the larger conflict.

If you like Westerns, history,  sci-fi, skirmish level warfare, cheeky one-liners, sweet poker chips,  bad accents, strong women with good fashion sense, and taking advantage of low British exchange rates,  then this games for you!

Print out some cards for free and give it a go.  If you’re in San Antonio, Texas, pop in to Knight Watch Games, someone will show you the ropes.

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