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Review: Great Game, Fantastic Miniatures

July 27, 2018 by brightblade


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Darklands is a brilliant War Game, tactical for those that want to play the long game, and wonderfully full on Skirmish for those that just want to Kill Sh*t...

Great Back story that brings to life the game and allows you to get under the skin of each Kindred..

Miniatures are amazing, so detailed.

My only criticism's is that with the game being so detailed it is easy to get lost in the rulebook trying to find how to do something and not actually playing.. my other is the balance on the Kindred's luckily I have both the Anglecynn and Fomoraic kindreds which are the two most well supported for models, but others are not as well supported and a player choosing those kindreds are limited as to what models they are able to play with..

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