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Review: Warmahordes Review

August 12, 2018 by yavasa

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Hello friends,

this short review of Warmachine & Hordes by Privateer Press is meant to show my view of the game and thus must be considered a really subjective one.

The system features a Steam Punk Fantasy setting that is somewhat divided into the more civilized world represented by the factions of Warmachine and the more wild, unwelcoming and savage world of Hordes. Of course one might argue what is more civilized :). Anyway both systems are 100% compatible with each other which means that factions from Hordes can without any problem face enemies from Warmachine on the tabletop. The story in the game during Mk II was pushed forward by additional books that introduced new plot, models etc. Nowadays, Privateer Press withdrew from the concept (shame PP, shame) and the story is presented in fiction books published by their company Skull Island Expeditions.

The game itself has a really clean and one of the best written rule sets out there so it really has a huge competitive play potential. It's one of the games that is easy to learn but hard to master. You have to know what tricks your opponent has and the synergies of your army. The game is also well balanced since the introduction of the Community Integrated Development program which allows the players to test the proposed changes to the game which allows the devs to adjust the game according to their plans and the CID results. These so to say dynamic updates keep the game balanced and clean of skewed armies. The meta in Warmachine is ever changing which fights boredom but on the other hand can drain your wallet if you want to keep up with it. Of course one day you have all the models that you need and don't have to worry about the changes.

Most people play 75 points Steam Roller games (Steam Roller is a set of tournament rules, scenarios) but of course you can play the game however you want. Not so long ago PP released a skirmish setting rule set called the Company of Iron.

One thing I find sometimes a pain are the older sculpts of the models that are not so easy to assemble and need some putty.

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Good review, i do agree with it and how it describes this game

I´m outside USA but wonder why it did fall so strongly from the gaming scene, i guess they having a dark time since the mk3 and compared to nowday wargames. Still enjoyable fluff and exquisite steampunk miniatures, need a new development team and marketing proposal to appear again as on of the top wargames.