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Art Direction


Review: Dynamic combat in a steam punk setting

August 14, 2018 by gstopcow

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Warmachine is a miniature game designed to be a fast and brutal, combo driven battle. Since its release in 2003, it has seen multiple rules editions that have polished the game and its rules to a fantastic sheen, one that is easy to read and always fun to play.

The game has angled for a highly competitive scene, trying to avoid the pitfalls of hyper complex rules for line of sight and terrain, as well as polling the community regularly for changes needed in gameplay,  figures and game modes have been added to increase the flexibility of the game to be played at large or small scale, but at its core, the game plays best at the intermediate (75pts) range, where scarcity of points and resources make decisions and positioning more relevant than collection size. However, the game remains highly narrative and engaging, not requiring an organized play or tournament scene to be enjoyable.

Hordes, the counterpart game, takes the very same core rules, but introduces a dramatically different mechanic that changes game play, however it remains compatible with Warmachine, allowing for a large number of playstyles, aesthetics and themes  to be available to players.

There are many miniatures games out there, but to this day, Warmachine remains one of the most unique and ambitious endeavors of the industry, with high quality models, original gaming and style concepts, and a player friendly but evolving community. Few companies have stood the test of time in such a scale, and it is certainly worth the attention.

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