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Review: They Shoot they Scored

August 15, 2018 by commodorerob

In Love

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I have been playing around with Guildball since I picked up the kick off starter set in April 2017 at Salute. From that moment on I was hooked. Why? First up the mini's are excellent although they have had a couple of casting issues recently they have been on them like a Rat Catcher on a Rat. They have a mixture of Metal, Resin and Plastic all of which have pushed the boundaries of sculpture.

The game itself is easy to learn but hard to master, and the replay factor is immense, I have but scratched the surface in the last 18 months and I am loving everything about the game.

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Nice review.
Love the minis, loved the lets plays, got the plastic starter kick off box and ground to a halt.
The fluff in the book was good to read, the token and measure sticks in the box were of excellent quality and i have painted up the balls and mascots so far. I can usually pass on rules to new gamers quite well. I could not get my 12 year old to get into the game. Guys at the club seemed uninterested in giving me a game, especially since Blood Bowl got a new box and launch. My son and I walked through the example pamphlet in the box, but once we tried to continue the game my son could not understand what to do next for the best. There are so many synergies, so many options and special abilities that it was complete overload. I have been told that perhaps a 3 on 3 game would have been an easier start, but I have not tried this yet. So many cool facets to the game, but could not give a score for play-ability or replay-ability yet. I will try again to get a game at the club and attempt a different approach with my son, but if you want to try this game you should find seasoned wargamers open to special-rules heavy games and IMHO this not a new gamer friendly, gateway game. It probably never pretended to be a gateway game, is potentially a great game, is really well supported and represented by “The Battlehammer” on YouTube, but thought I aught to share my experience of the game so far in case others find similar challenges.


All of that seems fair based on the 1 game I’ve had (and I’ve had the game since the original Kickstarter!)