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Review: Scythe - superb world creation and immersion

August 16, 2018 by zoidpinhead

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Step into a steampunk alternative 1920 where a mysterious factory run by genius Nicola Tesla has fallen silent and the envious eyes of world powers contest its ownership and dominance of Europe and the world.  This superb 4X game has so much going for it.  It is written by Jamey Stegmaier of Stonemaier Games and benefits from his keen understanding of how to use different game mechanics to drive a superb gameplay experience with a host of replayability potential.  The artwork by Jacob Rozalski is superb and was what initially drew me to the game.  He has created a thoroughly believable world within which to game and the experience of gaming in his universe is soon to be available on PC as Scythe meets Dawn of War in Iron Harverst.  In the meantime Scythe is a terrific alternative.  The game requires a play or two to get a full understanding of the mechanics and then you are away.  Whilst I feel it is better as a four player game I’ve played with more and less and always had a good time.  There is also a solo version using a card mechanic to drive the opponent.  It is a superb setting and has so much to offer the wargamer looking for opportunities to game in the gaps.

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6 Comments on "Scythe – superb world creation and immersion"

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Possibly in 40 odd years of gaming this was the most boring and uninteresting game I have ever played


Agreed. It is a dull multiplayer solo. The theme is great, the game is not.


A game as beautiful as it is boring. It pretends to be about dynamic movement, narrative, and player interaction but in reality these are pointless, rather secondary, considerations to isolated engine building and turtling.


Boring game with a great theme. Dull ‘engine building’ that never gets going, just feels like people sat around a table playing their own game rather than with/against each other. The theme is wasted on this dull euro that steals from a lot of other games. I have no idea why it is so highly rated.


I would agree.There is zero interaction between the players


Ha ha, wow – seems like not everyone agrees!

I’m a convert. I didn’t back the Kickstarter as the game looked dull. It had amazing art, but it didn’t look as though the game captured the excitement of it.

So I suppose that when I played the game, I wasn’t really expecting much. But I really enjoyed it – enough to then go and buy myself a copy.

It’s not a fast game and I suppose I get that some people feel like there’s player interaction missing. But I really liked the ‘base-building’. I really liked the feeling of being in control, having a plan and seeing it gradually build up. I liked that it appears complex but actually runs very simply – giving you lots to think about and take into account, but giving you the tools to keep an eye on everything.