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Review: Its an Ace

September 13, 2018 by commodorerob Cult of Games Member

In Love

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This is a game of Second World War aerial combat. I is certainly not the first game to tackle this, but for me it has to be up there with the best. Andy Chambers has come up with a great game that ticks all the boxes, its easy to learn , hard to master, it gives you the feeling of air combat in this era. The games are a lot of fun and Warlord have produced an easy entry starter set with everything you need to play.

There are a couple of minor issues with the game, the plastic minis are not using the best type of solid plastic they are detailed, but the planes are not totally accurate. The starter boxes all come with stickers rather than decals but these are easily swapped out. The other issue is that the cardboard measuring stick that comes in the box is not very accurate, as the rumour is that the stick was shrunk to fit in the box. Again there are a number of aftermarket tokens that can replace this.

The flight stands are ingenious and I have to applaud this idea of removing the altitude problem from flight games.

I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone who is into this period and likes planes... it has reignited my boyhood passion for model aircraft 🙂

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