Blood Red Skies



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Review: Fun to play

September 20, 2018 by hithero Cult of Games Member


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The game plays well and I like the flight stands as it looks like a dogfight going on, you do have a fun game playing it but is very thought intensive as initiative changes throughout the turn.

With twisted rubber planes, the components are not good but still better detailed than the Zvezda bombers they are packaging, great flight stands.

Don't like the art at all and looks dated and cheap, but that's personal choice, other may see it as thematic.

The rules writing and layout is a nightmare with unclear or missing rules, the bomber rules just don't flow at all and seem to contradict the main rules.  There are a couple of cards that break the game. PITA having to guess what book a certain rule will be written in, the layout is poor.

Got bored with this very quickly, all games seem the same, but that's not unexpected for an aerial game.  It's one of those games you break open every so often, not a mainstay game to play every week.

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