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Review: Kings of War

October 17, 2018 by athelstane

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A delightful game: elegant and well written.  Playable in 1 hr+, the rules are, in almost all places, so concise and precise that there is little room for disagreement.  A mass battle game that I return to again and again.

What I like most is that it forsakes 'granularity' (overly complex rules and unnecessary charts that add very little) and allows you to start venturing into the narrative behind the clash of your armies as you sup another beer.  It also, as a result of interesting scenarios, has the ability to throw up a victory to the player that has been 'hammered' the first 99% of the game.

My favourite Friday/Saturday night game.

Plus: its use of multi-basing is a 'huge' factor in its appeal to me.  Designing mini-dioramas, for that is what your large units become, is a joy and adds to the visuals and other game play tremendously.

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