Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age



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Review: 9th Age Fantasy Battles is Amazing!

December 10, 2018 by evershadegaming

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I was a long-time Warhammer Fantasy Player. I picked up my first starter set in grade school during 6th edition. I loved the models. I loved the rules. I loved the game. It was hard for my gamer group and myself to endure the events that ended Warhammer Fantasy. We tried AoS, and it wasn't for us. We all jumped on board with the 9th Age in December of 2015 when the project was in its infancy. Already back then, we saw enormous potential. Rules were created to be balanced and flavorful. The opportunity to use any miniature in the world for your army. We stayed on with 9th Age through its various turns and twists. I'm a tournament goer and 9th Age tournaments in the Midwest of the United States has been amazing. Buckeye Battles, Cornerhammer, Siege at the Tower, and so many more tournaments were happening every year. The game has reached an incredible balance. Externally, the armies still vary in power levels. Internally, almost every army has so many competitive choices. There are dozens of ways to build any single force up. Right now as of December 2018, the main rulebook, one of the highlights of the game, is about to go into it's Gold Edition.  That means those rules will be frozen like that for years. The whole community behind 9th Age has worked so hard and we're working every day. I started a YouTube channel because of the 9th Age and it is an awesome addition to my Hobby. It doesn't take long to grow a 9th Age community. It's a great game, and it's only getting better.

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