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Review: Super simple rules - endless replay value

January 28, 2019 by quantumpete


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The idea is really simple and takes next to no rules to explain: You have cards from 1 to 100, each player gets a hand (the larger the hand, the greater the difficulty) and players take turns putting down the cards in size order. So far so simple. The catch is though: There is no communicating among players. No wink-wink, nudge-nudge, no code words, nothing. Players focus on the cards. How do you get 2 or more people to play cards in ascending order when they can't communicate? That's the essence of the game 😉

I won't reveal the process here (it's covered in the rules), but it makes the game playable and a lot of fun. With two cards each, you have a good chance of winning, when you get to seven, you'll struggle to actually complete a round. Concentration is key!

The artwork is fine, but not why you buy the game, there's also no "writing" as such, so it's hard to rate on those aspects. Will this game keep you entertained for hours? No. Will it keep you entertained for a few rounds with friends each time they come over? Absolutely? If you get addicted to 1024 or the odd Sudoku, this will hook you for sure.

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