Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings



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Art Direction


Review: I have been lost for 10 years now I am excited again!

February 24, 2019 by drakoniss

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I have been lost for 10 years now I am excited again. This game hits on all cylinders. My happy place was Warhammer Fantasy Battles 5-6th edition. The game play here has some similarities and some improvements. I love the, I go you go mechanic it fixes so many old problems. I love the fog of war of the command stack. The scope of the game with 18 played factions each with 3+ sub factions is a dream. Its like a rank and file wargame with an rpg element too. The minis are top notch. I love the larger size it really draws people in to watch and find out whats happening. I swear I will own ever faction. My desk is lined with supplies from all over the world waiting to get going. We are going to have a huge group in California!

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