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Review: Quick Rules

June 14, 2019 by dane001 Cult of Games Member


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So I picked this up at the UK Games Expo this year after seeing Ares run a bit participation game on multiple tables.

Me and my 9 year old have played a few games now and we both love it.  We've only played the quick rules at the moment, alot of the more advanced rules are removed but I don't think it's taken anything from the game.

Initially I thought it would be alot like X-wing but it feels so much more tactical.  The smaller faster movements of the vessels really make you think about what you're going to do alot more than in other starship battles games. I love how Ares have included alot of the flight mechanics from the series in the game.  It really does feel like you're playing the battles that you've seen on screen.

The models are unbeliveable too, they're so well detailed and look just like the vessels on screen.

Overall, quick rules are definitely a big win for me and its well worth picking the game up just to play that version.  I'm sure the advanced rules are equally as good too and we'll certainly be giving them a try soon.

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