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Review: The Drowned Earth

June 27, 2019 by isaiah5112

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The Drowned Earth is, by far, o e of the most well executed games I have had the pleasure of playing. Having started my days of miniature wargaming way back in the days of 2nd edition 40k it's safe to say that I've played a few games and built a few models. So what sets TDE apart from other games? First and foremost is the quality of the miniatures. The sculpts themselves are absolutely stunning. The detail is crisp with minimal flash to clean up. As with any model there were a few bits and bobs that needed prep work before building but overall the majority of the models were assembled with zero clean up and fit together exquisitely. 

Insofar as playability the game once again delivers. The dice mechanic is a bit different and takes a few rolls to get accustomed to but is really a quite ingenious method for rolling. The d10 system allows for that sweet spot when it comes to the odds of rolling what you need in a clutch moment. TDE plays fast and furious and the reaction mechanic allows bother players to be involved in the game from the first die roll to the last model breathing his last. The dynamic movement, vine swinging, swimming, leaping, climbing and vaulting over terrain, guarantees great stories to be told after the battle. While the TDE rules are definitely solid enough to be used in a tournament format it is in the narrative game that it really shines. Of you are on the fence about The Drowned Earth then I would strongly suggest that you give it a try. You will not regret it.

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