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Review: Warhammer 40K thru the ages to 8th!

September 12, 2019 by luisjoey

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Warhammer 40.000 may not be the first (since it was warhammer fantasy oldhammer) but it´s the most solid wargame in all times, with the best miniatures and a top place among all other commercial wargames. I started on the end of 4th edition and i speak from my experience where i do love the gaming lore, the GREATEST FLUFF EVER and the gothic art that inspires a lot in the grim darkness of the future.

But... it has always been a run on power creep where the market goes to sell you bigger and bigger miniatures to escalate war. Well you might be ok with purchasing bigger units with that but what about the rules?

Warhammer 8th Edition introduced new rules that steamed the reading for new players, touching a bit on the first edition with the armor reduction on weapons rather than ap; giving you chance to save on several circunstances; also gives you an stratagem system that adds you points to use abilities during the game (lots of booking on the powers during the game as they were spells)

But what was a bit annoying was rolling lots of dice on attacks and that most abilities rely on...REROLL THEM! D6 become a jail for them or what?

This is not a rant but a Serious review on what a warhammer 40k it´s: BEAUTIFUL MINIATURES supported by awsome BACKGROUND FLUFF, but the ruling it´s meh these days and the metagame really broken (the company doesn really matter)

if you are not about the competitive scene, and play scenarios or casual this game will be great.

if you want something more "balanced" and with fun enough try out KILL TEAM that its the game but reduced to very few miniatures, a game i would like to review apart and that have for me better scoring on proposal and ruling; playing kill team wont prevent you from buying LOTS of miniatures for customization XD

Something i gotta warn you is that the old space marines are still playable but who will want to use them with the primaris range at hand? a better scale space marine that dwarf anything else; i just expect games workshop say; nah forget your old space dwarf and buy primaris since they are now the real space marines. Once you have it them in your hand you wont see another dwarf marine as before, that happened to me.

I do own 9 Warhammer armies, i love the fluff of the game and i expect better times to come for the game; could play a game or 2 but rather to play kill team campaing in that span of time with characters developing and having fun creating armies.

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