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Review: A Review from an Oldhammer lost in space and time

I´m a wargamer since 2002, i started with warhammer fantasy empire and played thru several game edition; once the end of times arrived (white dwarf magazine warned it a lot) the old warhammer setting was destroyed and chaos has an utter victory over all mankind....

but... remember warhammer it´s about magic (yeah that bothering magic phase that took hours during gameplay) and now the planes are at stake since chaos ravaged thru them altering the order of things in several realities... so the inmortal champions Arise again with their undying will to do the right; The STORM CAST ETERNALS! with awsome armor and magic forged weaponry... seeking for THE TRUE EMPEROR SIGMAR LOST IN SPACE AND TIME!

Well this is a great background that makes you thing about warhammer age of sigmar, since many people went mad with the end of oldhammer and even burn their own armies (literally) with a hand flamer; Age of sigmar came with a game proposal that evolves the warhammer setting to a multiplanar war where you fight in several worlds thru portals; Savage wasteland, Cold tundra, dramatic lava, Stormy reef and else!

The rules were not steamed but crushed for really new and casual gamers, despite the wargames and were easy to enter with the warscroll system, that let you play whatever you want by showing the warscroll that tell you the movement, to hit, to damage and LOTS of life points for the new armies (killing empire, high elves, orcs, etc) But why you bother to see a guy with a stick and tights when you could wield a stormhammer forged by inmortals and be in stormcast armor?

Things went epic and for that was good, those as me that tried to play with their old armies were meh and a new era come where monstrous creatures arrived and you could forge your narrative as you want having two army building system with or without points.

the game starts to evolve once again focused on the miniatures looks and awsomeness rather than ruling, the rules are basic that it´s  more powerful more dice. and if you have a power it´s to reroll dice until the end of times happen again in the eternal struggle.

The rules are simple to learn but are a lot of warscroll combinations and the tactics its more focused on long battles using lots of dice and that the main ability it´s to reroll, no big strategy but fun and some units even come back to fight (not only the undeads)

Age of sigmar become a signature entrance game for casual or collectionist, but if you feel more competitive or want something deep i recommend Warhammer Underworld that it´s a card skirmish game with miniatures with lot of feeling and focused on the tactics and strategies.

I lie if i tell you i wont like to have STORM CAST army on my home to play, but it´s a high bid for low fun, where in Warhammer Underworlds i have more bands/factions i could buy and play them completely.

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