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Review: Boardgamer Wargamer review of a CARD GAME

October 29, 2019 by luisjoey

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Warhammer Invasión was a great concept from defunct free Fantasy Flight, it entered on the LIVING CARD GAMES genre where you but cards in block according you want to expand or depending on your faction, no random booster, the game keep the excellent art from warhammer fantasy (OLDHAMMER) imaginarium in full color and the game basic mechanic were good, enough to have expansions that gives you more units and even more factions like elves, dark elves, etc.

I got it a gencon 2009 and have a LCG feeling between a card game and a eurogame where you administrate resources preventing your enemies from blow 2 of your 3 flanks, the game could be played from 2 to 4 players with lots of fun and the old hammer emotion

Saddly the game get a bit outdated by the fracture between games workshop and fantasy flight (that give up to the dark side of asmodee) breaking the game and getting discontinued, still what is around the game is very playable and enjoyable, sad it lost producer support from both sides.

Were good times!

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