Warhammer 40,000: Relic


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Review: Lover or Relic!

October 29, 2019 by luisjoey

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Since his main conception back in 2012 i was looking for relic, i saw it at GENCON 2012 where i couldn´t play and ordered to my country asap it was released by fantasy flight; this game resembles the clasic TALISMAN but with warhammer universe and new mechanics, since you move toward the center of the board as old 70s boardgames, rolling dice and moving but facing several monsters from the grim future of warhammer 40.000

The game components are great, among cards with lot of warhammer lovely gothic art, you find the bust of the characters that go from space marine, sister of battle, commisar, pysker, even an ogryn and a ratlin character.

The game playability it´s pretty easy, just roll dice move and fight challenges / monsters and get experience and influence (game currency) to get more items and powers, even find the necesary relics to enter on the last part of the game where you win.

This game is for fans of the genre and the fluff of warhammer 40k, since many of my fellow player bothers calling the game "ZIP LINE" as southpark famous episode. it could take a lot of time, about 4 hours or even more depending the final challenge and how you develop your characters.

I really like this game comes back since the hiatus from the divorce between games workshop and former producer fantasy flight (that went dark side with asmodee US ) but wizkids take the challenge i expect they bring both of this game expansions that i really lack and want to have with more characters, even nemesis that gives the game a more competitive feeling than it has.

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