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Review: Camel up, up, and away!

November 17, 2019 by elpotof

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I was introduced to Camel Up! To conclude an all day gaming session. My first impression, as the board was being prepared (pyramid, wonky looking camels, camera, etc....), Was what in earth are we playing? I was given a brief synopsis of what to do, and the game was started.

The aim of the game is to make the most money by the end of the race. You achieve this by betting on 5 camels (at least that was how it was set up in the game I played), via picking up betting cards, for example between 2 - 5 coins which favoured the individual who picked first with better win conditions.

The board could be influenced by game pieces (trap cards, camera) set by the player to aid/hinder the camels.

Rounds are set by a wonderful dice mechanic, where you could buy extra dice to influence the camel you want to win. Nothing is certain; the camel in last place for the majority of the game can suddenly come through and win through prudent player strategies.

The game mechanics blew my mind in how they have all converged into this one game. It works beautifully, and I ordered this game immediately on return to home.

It was the most entertaining game of the day. It was wonderful carnage, and is a great family game. I thoroughly recommend this game.

One note; I played the first edition, which imagery captures the fun aspect of the game, I am led to believe the updated version artwork detracts slightly. Still, a fantastic game you won't regret playing.

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