Flames of War: The World War II Miniatures Game



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Review: Flames of war when youre new at wargames.

For a beginner at wargames it is a bit intimedating to start. But with the new v4 its a great time to enter! De models are great and i’m a real fan of the plastic. Its al Nice and detaild and easy to build! Painting the models can be a little boring specialy when you are doing a lot of the same stuf to creatie a army. What i don’t like is that you realy need the Books to build a force. The books are verry Nice and got great artwork i still think these lists need to be free online because you spend a lot of Money on models and scenery for a Nice table. Learning to play i found easyer than expacted! The quick startting guide realy helps and as you play allong you put more stuff en rules in and that worked for me. And the rulebook is verry wel written and have a lot of pictures that explanes the rules. In all of you are looking for a wargame and you like the   Historical style its a greet game to dive in to.
ps sorry for my bad english writting?

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