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Review: What could have been...

February 17, 2021 by cdn41

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What could have been an amazing game is let down by obscene prices for horrible casting of figures.
The material used, something I refer to as “Ungluim”, is soft, terrible to work with, and the joins are horrid to deal with.
I’ve been gaming/painting for well into 35 years plus now, and I don’t think I’ve ever felt so let down by a licenced game. The last time I felt this was the move to “Finecast” by GW.
Asmodee, Atomic Ass Games, and Disney can do better than this.
Carrie Fisher would roll in her grave.

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Couldn’t disagree more! Excellent miniatures, look great when painted, even facial features are spot on. Price is not at all bad compared with other companies. Newer miniatures are hard plastic, exactly the same as GW, Warlord, Perry’s etc. Top game and top miniatures.


Honestly, the “review” (if thats what you want to call it) lost all credibility for me when it decided to call Atomic Mass Games names. Any issues with Legion were entirely down to Fantasy Flight Games. Atomic Mass haven’t actually produced any stuiff for it yet so slagging them off is disingenuous at best.

Cult of Games Member

This isn’t a games review. Good games can have bad minis, bad games can have good minis. I’ve played chess with scraps of paper, it was still a good game.


Most of the minis have been okay. The real problem has been rules bloat and the hijacking of the game by the competition crowd. Sadly FFG could have produced a nice simple fun game based on the star wars movies we know and love. Instead they produced an overly complex mess with rules that keep changing to try and balance the game, no interest in narrative gaming, and a refusal to produce a rules booklet pdf that is printer friendly. This game could and should have been great. The fact that we are only know getting a Yoda figure, and… Read more »

Cult of Games Member

I think the biggest disappointment is the slowness of releases and unavailability of getting figures. I actually don’t think the rebels are unplayable ( they have great access to force users and those easily win you the game if used correctly). I think when playing, you have to keep in mind that the rebels are just a rag tag force and would have difficulty in dealing with a trained army ( like ww2, the french resistance would be something the german army would have trouble with but could defeat in a straight out fight due to logistics, support and other… Read more »

Cult of Games Member

I could tolerate this as an opinion – not liking something personally for one or two perceived flaws is okay, I do that, too occasionally. But a ‘review’? I’m sorry, but calling this a review is a travesty.