Damnation: The Gothic Game


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Review: I'd rather be Damned to Gothic Hell, than play Uno in Heaven!

October 26, 2021 by avernos

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I played the original game in the mists of my youth and while you can still play that game with this version Kris has done an amazing job in dragging it kicking and screaming (like its victims) into the 20th century.

The changes to individual characters means that you can play to strengths and add a degree of tactics to the game rather than relying solely on die rolls.

The ticking clock of the game pushing your violent game of cat and mouse to a swift conclusion and the death knell cards can really spice up the play, add to that eliminated players opportunities to interact as ghosts and you no longer sit idle waiting for a game to end. Also you can kick Justin when you're down!

The art design is magnificent, having a modern gothic feel that players of Darkest Dungeon may be familiar with, and the writing on the cards has a darkly humorous tone.

It's a fantastic game for people to throw down on the table with barely any set up but a ton of options that will keep you coming back and never having the same experience play out twice on the board.

...Also Vampires!

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