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Fight or Flight in 40K 6th Edition


Are your units trapped on top of a building? This looks like a job for a sneaky tactic!

Night Fighting Rules in 40K 6th Edition


It's time to turn on your torches as we investigate the new rules for night fighting and how the changes will affect those Necron armies that rely on the night fighting rules.

Assaulting Units that are Falling Back in Warhammer 40K


More cheese from Darrell as he takes a look at a thoroughly dishonorable tactic... assaulting units that are already falling back.

Making an Aggressive Deep Strike in Warhammer 40K 6th Edition


Darrell gives some advice on how he thinks you should use your units with Deep Strike... but more importantly... what can happen when things go wrong!

Darrell’s thoughts on the New Heavy Weapon Rules in 40K 6th Edition


Darrell's back to running out Warhammer 40K tips and today he's grabbing the heavy weapons and seeing what happens when they get moving. Or not, as the case may be.

Flaming Yourself, is it Mad? (Crackling Marine, Yummy)


Darrell has a strange idea, suggesting you toast yourself with your own flamer to gain an advantage.

Sternguard Special Ammo


Darrell looks into Sternguard Special Ammo to see if like the AK47, it will kill every mother ###### in the room. Then has a little trip down to mickey d's for a Royal with Cheese.

Combat Tactics: Darrell’s Favourite Rule!


Darrell has a look over the "Combat Tactics" rule for Space Marines.

Hit and Run Special Rule


Darrel talks about tau in combat…. Wait hang on? Yea looks like it there a tau in combat, how did that happen? well anyway there a bit of war gear that helps him run away that’s called vectored retro-thrusters, they give you the hit and run special rule.

Shooting Plasma Can Hurt Us Both


Darrell talks a bit about Shooting with Plasma Weapons and the Get Hot Rule. What's been your experience with using Plasma, is it a must take weapon in your army?

Can a Dreadnought use the Blood Chalice


Darrell brings out some Blood Angles and gets asked if a Dreadnought can use the Blood Chalice to gain any special rules from it.

The Protectorate of Menoth High Executioner Reznik


So guys Andy is going to have a look at one of the big nasty Warcaster’s from The Protectorate of Menoth, this time its High Executioner Reznik.

Space Marine Land Speeder Loadouts


Darrell kits out his Space Marine Land Speeder... what sort of cheesy stuff will he be using... let's see!

Assaulting Into Ruins


It’s never enough to reduce your enemies’ buildings to rubble, you got to get in there and clear them out! With this in mind Darrell has a look at assaulting into ruins, but take note there are different rules for […]

Ammo Runts and Combi-Weapons


Darrel has a look at how Ammo Runts work in the Orks army for Warhammer 40k.

30 Ork Boyz vs 10 Grey Hunters


Darrell is asked a question about how best to use 10 Grey Hunters against a unit of 30 Ork Boyz.

Vanguard Veterans – Heroic Intervention


Darrell looks at the Vanguard Veteran special rule Heroic Intervention and how you can use it better.

Running Away!


Darrell tells us how you can get away from a unit that's chasing you off the board, when you fail your leadership test and have to fall back.

What Can and Can’t Tank Shock


Darrell and I have a look see at what can and can’t Tank Shock in Warhammer 40K. Sounds simple but it’s worth checking that someone isn’t trying to run you over when they actually can’t.

Boarding ramps on Ork Vehicles. What do they do?


Darrell checks out Ork Boarding ramps in Warhammer 40k in this daily tips. He has a look at what they do and if they are effective for the points cost.

Is 40K Rage a Mad Rule


Darrell talks us through the ins and outs of the rage special rule in Warhammer 40K.

Grand Exemplar Kreoss And His Mega Charge


Andy and Vishal get a look at Grand Exemplar Kreoss from Protectorate of Menoth and show you just how cool his feat is, and how just to use it in your games of Warmachine.

Manual Reload for Rune Shots


Andy and Vishal have a look at how you can keep a genrader fireing and give it some tasty magic bullets.

What to Boost and When


Andy and Vishal discuss one of the key points of playing Warmachine, boosting your dice rolls and the pro's and con's of boosting your attack rolls over your damage rolls.

Basic Tactics for the Cryx Battlegroup


Do you have a Cryx Battlegroup and you're wondering what to do with it? Well, Andy has some ideas to help you out with basic tactics.

How to Use Speculatve Fire


Andy and Mike sit down to tell us how to use Speculatve Fire in Infinity and how to beat smoke grenades.

How Direct Templates Work in Infinity


Andy and Mike Sit down to chat about a little tip for Infinity this time its how direct templates work and the diffrent types you'll come across.

A Forgetful Opponent is a Wonderful Thing


Darrell has a chat about what can happen if you get the right opponent in a game and clues us in on the underhanded tactics he uses agaisnt them.

What are Sniper Scouts Good for?


Darrell give us some tactics to use with Space Marine Scouts... are they the best snipers in the game?

Forcing you Opponent to Flee is a Viable Tactic


Darrell investigates one of his more underhanded tactics... forcing your opponents to take lots of morale tests and making them run away! It's just not cricket!!!

Fearless Units and how to use them Effectively


Darrell discusses fearless units and how to use the cheapest of them for some proper gaming action.

Imperial Guard Tank Tactics


Darrell has a look at some of the best ways to use your IG tanks and transports in Warhammer 40K.

Knocking Down Warjacks in Water


In today's Daily Tip, Andy and Vishal discuss the wisdom of letting your warjack go swimming.

Blocking Vehicle Doors


Darrell has been busy down in the Cheese Mine again and this time he has unearthed a tasty little nugget that allows his weak units to mess with his opponent's transport.

Splitting Your Close Combat Attacks


Darrell has a look at how and why you would split your close combat attack when playing Warhammer 40K.

Hide & Seek with Small Troop Units


Darrell gives some advice on how to play those undersized units that you use to hold objectives.

Shaken Vehicle Tactics


What can you do when your vehicle takes a hit and becomes shaken? Darrell takes a look at some of the options.

Special Assault Tactics while Surrounded


Darrell has another Warhammer 40K tip for when your main combat squad is surrounded... what can you possibly do to save yourself?

How the Shadow of a Building Rule Works in Infinity


Andy and Mike have been asked about how the shadow of a building affects shooting in a game of Infinity, but Mike also has a sneaky way to get around it.

Power Attack Slams


In today’s Daily Tip, Vishal and Andy take a look at slamming your opponent‘s Warjacks, and how this can be put to best effect.

Wobbly Model Syndrome Explained


Darrell has a look at wobbly model syndrome. It's one of the rules that seem's to get forgotten in Warhammer 40K.

Darrell’s Thoughts on Assaulting Into Terrain


Darrell gives us his ideas on assaulting into terrain and he thinks you can give yourself that extra chance to win when you don't have any grenades... is this madness???

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