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An Introduction To Aetherium With Anvil Eight Games


Dawn sits down with Brian and Chris from Anvil Eight Games to talk about their miniatures game Aetherium.

Anvil Eight Games Shows Off New Art For The Rhommox


The tabletop sci fi hacker game of Aetherium continues to grow. This week Anvil Eight Games is giving us a look at the "bugs" in your system with some amazing art for the Rhummox.

Anvil Eight Games Shows Off Part Of New Faction For Aetherium


Anvil Eight Games is working on their next faction for their Sci-fi game Aetherium.

Anvil Eight’s RexCon Diver Mini Joins The Adepticon Swag Bag


Anvil Eight Games has revealed a fantastic new addition to the coveted VIG Swag Bag for Adepticon this spring. Check out the RexCon Diver for the mysterious RezX for Aetherium!

Exclusive Aetherium Mini At Gen Con From Anvil Eight Games


Anvil Eight Games is coming to Gen Con with a load o' new goodies to share. There's even an exclusive mini, Molly, that will be available at their booth along with all the long awaited material for the House Ikaru collective.

House Ikaru Expansion For Aetherium Headed To Kickstarter


If you've been enjoying the game Aetherium over the past year, then you will be excited to hear that it's first expansion is heading to Kickstarter in February! The House Ikaru Expansion will launch February 1st, bringing a whole new supplement to the Aetherium universe.

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