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Animal Adventures


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Enroll Into Adventures & Academia In Steamforged’s New RPG


Adventures & Academia: First Class is heading to Kickstarter. As players will head back to the books and take on whimsical adventures taking the magic and skill back to basics.

Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea Kickstarter Now Live


Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea Kickstarter is now live, and I was one of the first in the queue to peer at all of the amazingly cute and adorable goodies included in the campaign from Painting Polygons and Steamforged Games.  With some Kickstarter Exclusive adventures, new adorable characters, a new class and some incredible accessories - the short Kickstarter campaign only has 7 days to go, so if you need a knife-wielding baby Kraken miniature in your life, and want to explore your way across island after island, meeting some wonderful characters along the way: you might want to give this campaign a look!

Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea Watcher Class Detailed!


In my previous posts, I have mentioned the different classes with which you will align on your adventures. And quite often, the word "Watcher" had appeared, and I and fans of the franchise were guessing and guessing on what this could mean. Little did I know that this class has been inspired by another one of my favourite franchises, and I grinned ear-to-ear when revealed. 

Cult Of Games XLBS: Where To Start With Our Hobby Piles & XLBS In A Post-Lockdown World?


Let's dive back into another episode of Cult Of Games XLBS as we talk more about the hobby we've been getting up to and some of our plans for the future that we'd like feedback on. 

The Best FREE RPG Yet! Epic Art & World – You NEED To Play Degenesis! #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender Time! We check out the best FREE RPG yet! You NEED to play Degenesis and try out their epic world full of stunning art.

Befriend Exotic Creatures In Animal Adventures The Faraway Sea


We are heading back to the Faraway Sea from Steamforged Games, with some more incredibly adorable animals to befriend and embark on some truly magical adventures. Last week, we heard about the playable cats and dogs for the upcoming Kickstarter campaign, but this week, we will be talking about the new and exotic animals which are looking to make their debut in the game.

Meet New Feline & Canine Animal Adventures For Faraway Sea


Animal Adventures is something I always look forward to when updates rear their head. Steamforged Games have recently announced their upcoming Kickstarter, Faraway Sea, and ever since I saw a Druid Labrador in Secrets of the Gullet Cove, all I could think about is what incredible animals will be joining the RPG. 

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