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Ankh: Gods of Egypt


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CMON Add Iron Maiden’s Eddie To Their Suite Of Board Games


Another collection of special character packs have popped up from CMON for those looking at adding some more quirky characters to the likes of Zombicide, Ankh, Massive Darkness and the like. This time, the focus is on Iron Maiden and Eddie!

Community Spotlight: Alpha Legion, Ankh Gods & War Of The Ring High Elves!


In this week's Community Spotlight, we take a peek at some sneaky Alpha Legion, some mighty Ankh Gods and also some War Of The Ring High Elves.

Cult Of Games XLBS: What Is Making You A Happy Hobbyist Right Now?


Join us for a new episode of Cult Of Games XLBS! In this show, we're opening things up to happy vibes! What are some of the things making you enjoy the hobby (and wider hobby!) right now?

Ankh: Pantheon Brings 5 More Egyptian Gods To The Table


And alongside the core box of Ankh: Gods of Egypt, the expansion Pantheon will be sitting right next to it from October 29th.

CMON Launch Kickstarter For Ankh: Gods Of Egypt Board Game


CMON has now launched the Kickstarter for the third game in Eric Lang's Legendary Saga. Ankh: Gods Of Egypt puts you in the mythical sandals of the old gods of Egypt, fighting to reclaim their lost power and win over the people. 

CMON’s Ankh: Gods Of Egypt Coming To Kickstarter April 14th


CMON has announced that their new board game, Ankh: Gods Of Egypt from Eric Lang, is going to be coming to Kickstarter on 14th April.

CMON Peek At ANKH: Gods Of Egypt’s Mighty Anubis


CMON has started to preview more of its new board game, ANKH: Gods Of Egypt which is the next product from Eric Lang.

Fight To The Last In Eric Lang & CMON’s Trilogy Ending Ankh


Eric Lang has now revealed the third of his strategic trilogy which was made up of Blood Rage, Rising Sun and now Ankh.

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