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Black Powder



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Warlord Games Has Gone Heat Crazy With Free Plastic Sets


Warlord Games is having a big summer starter special. I think the heat is melting their brains.

Warlord’s Historicon 2015 Miniature Available This Weekend


Warlord Games have made an exclusive miniature for Historicon 2015 which is happening this weekend. Not only will it be available there at the event but also online but only for the next few days. See what you think of Defend A Hopeless Position, inspired by the film Waterloo...

Warlord Brings Home The Orphan Eagles For Black Powder


Warlord Games expands their library for Black Powder with the help of Winged Hussar Publishing.

Warlord Gets English Timber Terrain From Sarissa Precision


Warlord has the new English Timber line of terrain from Sarissa Precision in their store right now. This line offers a wonderful range of buildings to use in all sorts of games including: Black Powder, Pike & Shotte and even Bolt Action!

Battle Alongside The Prussian High Command In Black Powder


If you're looking for something to add to your growing Waterloo collection for Black Powder by Warlord Games then you can pick up some more Prussians. The first is the High Command set followed by the Jagers who will be doing a bit of hunting...

Read The Battle Of Waterloo As It Happened With The Telegraph


Read through the entire of The Battle of Waterloo as it happened with a rather awesome 'live feed' that The Telegraph put together detailing how it all played out. It's a fascinating read!

Warlord Offer Loads Of Napoleonic Bundles For Waterloo


Warlord Games are commemorating the Battle of Waterloo with a whole bunch of Bundles which you can check out below and an array of Articles taking you through the history of the battle. Maybe you'll find something neat to pick up among the mass of plastic and metal!

Grab The Waterloo Special From Wargames Illustrated & Win A Prize!


If you're interested in the Battle of Waterloo, one of the most defining moments in the Napoelonic era and indeed History then you can download a Waterloo Special by Wargames Illustrated which contains a host of articles focused on the event...

Rescue Napoleon From Warlord Games For Black Powder


Warlord Games is celebrating the 200th anniversary of Waterloo with specials for the rest of June.

The French Elite Take To The Black Powder Field With The Old Guard


If you're looking for the best soldiers to run in your Napoleonic French force then look no further than the Old Guard Grenadiers that have just popped up for Black Powder by Warlord Games...

The French Chasseurs à Cheval Ride Into Battle For Black Powder


Ride into battle and do a bit of raiding with the Chasseurs à Cheval in Black Powder. A new plastic set is ready to have a look at from Warlord Games.

Warlord Gives You A Chance To Relive La Haye Sainte at Waterloo


Warlord Games is giving you a chance to own this incredible set in celebration of Waterloo's 200th anniversary.

Warlord Administer Last Rites to the Wounded of the Italian Wars


Warlord Games have a somewhat morbid release for the Italian Wars range in Black Powder as they bring out a pack of Landsknecht wounded.

Portuguese Line Infantry Prepare to March in Black Powder


Warlord are following up on last year's Waterloo and Peninsular British plastics for Black Powder with line infantry for the Napoleonic Portuguese, the three ups of which they are now showing off.

Fight the Mahdist Revolt as Warlord Release Blood on the Nile


Warlord Games' latest supplement for Black Powder, Blood on the Nile, has now been released, letting you replay the battles of the Mahdist Revolt of 1884.

The Dutch Fight For Wellington In Warlord’s Black Powder


See how the Dutch are shaping up as an additional fighting force for Wellington at Waterloo in this new set of miniatures for Black Powder by Warlord Games.

Fire Cannons & Launch Rockets With Warlord’s Black Powder


It's time for both the British and the French to be firing in some artillery from Warlord Games for Black Powder.

New Blood on the Nile Black Powder Supplement Hits Pre-Order


Warlord Games are soon to be releasing a new supplement for Black Powder, letting you recreate the battles of the Mardhist Wars in Egypt. Now there is Blood on the Nile as this supplement goes up for pre-order.

Smash Down Defences With Black Powder’s French Engineers!


Warlord Games have some more Frenchmen for your Napoleonic army in Black Powder. Do you think you'll join the Engineers in smashing down buildings and erecting defences?

Elite Napoleonic Voltigeur & Dying Brits From Warlord Games


The elite Voltigeur have joined Napoleon on the battlefield and will be skirmishing their way to victory!

The French Light Infantry March Forth For Warlord Games!


Warlord Games have gathered some more Light Infantry for the armies of France and Napoleon. Would you take on these lads for your next battle?

March Into Battle With The Chosen Men Of Black Powder


Head into battle alongside the inspiring Chosen Men of the 95th British Rifles! This is an awesome kit and I'm tempted to pick it up despite not doing any Napoleonics gaming at all!

A Continental Officer Leads The Black Powder Rebellion


Rebellion, the new supplement for Black Powder detailing the battles of the American Revolution, is now up for pre-order and as usual Warlord Games have an exclusive mini to accompany it.

Rebellion! For Black Powder’s American War of Independence


It hasn't been long since our American friends celebrated their Independence Day, the day when Will Smith saved us all from aliens. Now Warlord send our games of Black Powder back to the birth of a nation with Rebellion, a supplement bringing us the battles of the American War for Independence.

Warlord’s Black Powder La Haye Sainte Box Set Released!


We interview Warlord Games managing director John Stallard and head of design Paul Sawyer to get the lowdown about the new La Haye Sainte boxed set!

Fight For The French At Waterloo In Warlord’s Black Powder


Do you think it's time to take on the job of marshaling the French in Black Powder? If so then this French Starter Set for the Waterloo campaign isn't far away!

Draft In The Black Powder Hanoverians To Take On Napoleon


Join the Germans and the British together against the mighty of Napoleon with this latest plastic set from Warlord Games.

Great-Coated Greens of the French Infantry March from Warlord


We've been seeing plenty of the troops who took part in the Napoleonic wars marching out of Warlord Games lately, and now we get a quick preview of the next lot; the French Infantry of the late Napoleonic wars.

Take The Fight To Napoleon With Warlord’s British Starter Set


If you wanted to get started in the world of Black Powder then I think this could be a good place to start. See what you think of this massive Napoleonic British Starter Set!

The Hanoverian Infantry Join the Battles of Black Powder


Some more plastic Napoleonic minis are on their way out from Warlord Games, this time the Hanoverian Infantry are getting ready to join the war.

Britain Marches on Waterloo With Black Powder Pre-Orders


When someone talks about the Napoleonic era, the mind's eye pictures countless ranks of uniformed men marching in step on the field of Waterloo. Now Warlord are helping to bring the iconic conflict to the tabletop with their new British Line Infantry.

Fight More Of The Anglo-Zulu War With Warlord Supplement


See what you think of this new supplement for Warlord Games' Black Powder. Will you be fighting out the conflicts of the Anglo-Zulu War?

Warlord Ride Through Berlin in Napoleon’s Own Carriage!


Warlord Games have a new miniature kit which is sure to make an eye catching centre piece for your force of Napoleonic Frenchies. None other than Ol' Boney's personal carriage!

France & Britain Clash In Warlord Games’ Black Powder


Check out some new and very effective French reinforcements from Warlord and Conquest for Black Powder.

Begin The Napoleonic Bombardment With Warlord!


See Warlord Games' newest addition to the Napoleonic Black Powder range. This Rocket Battery should be fun for spooking your enemy.

Head To Historicon & Pick Up Warlord’s Last Shot Special


Check out the final stages of the Historicon figure from Warlord Games. It's painted up very nicely I'd say!

Warlord Take You to Church


Warlord have two new pieces of plastic terrain to help you create an accurate setting for your historical games.

Expand Your Black Powder Battles with Albion Triumphant Vol.2


The second supplement for Warlord's historical game Black Powder is available to pre-order. Take part in yet more historical battles with Albion Triumphant Volume 2 - The Hundred Days Campaign.

Warlord’s Albion Triumphant Up For Pre-Order!


Explore more of the Black Powder world with the newest expansion supplement, Albion Triumphant that looks into major conflicts including Waterloo.

Aid The French With New Polish Vistula Legions From Warlord


If you're looking for some good additions to your French force then you can't get much better than the Vistula Legion.

Ride With The Comanche Indians In Warlord’s Black Powder


Black Powder is seeing a lot of love recently, probably even more so than Bolt Action and that's great! It's good to see another period of history growing in popularity.

Warlord Games Add To The Iroquois Warrior Nation


Check out some new additions to the Black Powder line that add to the conflict between Europeans and Native Americans during those hard periods of colonisation.

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