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Blackwater Gulch


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Gangfight Games Preview Their Wolfpack Beast Starter Set


Gangfight Games has been previewing some of the new models coming to their Skirmish Game System and Blackwater Gulch.

Minions & Monsters Invade Gangfight’s Blackwater Gulch


Gangfight Game Studio has now added their latest selection of miniatures from the Minions & Monsters Kickstarter onto their webstore.

Gangfight Tease Tinkerers & A New Blackwater Beast Hero


The team from Gangfight Games were showing off some new characters they have been working on recently for some of their worlds.

Gangfight Games’ Were-Snake Grabs His Guns


Gangfight Games have shared a couple of concept sketches for Diamondback, a were-snake gunfighter for Blackwater Gulch.

Gangfight Games Launch Blackwater Gulch Pledge Manager


Gangfight Games have launched the Pledge Manager for their most recent Blackwater Gulch Kickstarter.

Gangfight Games Add Brooke Summers To The Tranquillity Crew


Gangfight Games have previewed a sculpt for one of the last minis they unlocked in their recent Kickstarter; Brooke Summers of the Tranquillity Crew.

BlackWater Gulch Minions & Monsters Kickstarter Heads Towards The Finish Line


Gangfight Games's latest Blackwater Gulch Kickstarter, Minions and Monsters, is entering its final stages.

Blackwater Gulch Fills With Minions & Monsters On Kickstarter


Gangfight Games' new Kickstarter for Blackwater Gulch, Minions and Monsters, has launched, bringing all sorts of dark and devious denizens to the of wild west horror.

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Blackwater Gulch 2nd Edition Now Available


The interesting world of Blackwater Gulch is now available with its 2nd Edition from Gangfight Games right now.

The Slender Man’s 3D Print Stalks Gangfight Games


Gangfight Games have previewed the recent 3D print of their sinister Slender Man for Blackwater Gulch.

Gangfight Games Bringing New Outlaws To Blackwater Gulch


Ahead of a new Kickstarter coming in February we have a peek at some new Outlaws from Gangfight Games for Blackwater Gulch.

Creepy Character Concepts Appear At Gangfight Games


Gangfight Games have revealed some new concepts for their upcoming Kickstarter.

Gangfight Games Announce New Edition Of Blackwater Gulch


Gangfight Games have announced that they have just sent off the new rulebook for Blackwater Gulch to the printers, and have shared the cover art we can expect to see.

Gangfight Reveal The Third Of Their Lawmen Deputies


A third deputy has joined the lawmen of Gangfight Games as they reveal their latest render.

A Second Deputy Brings Law To Gangfight Games


Gangfight Games have shown off the renders for their second Lawmen Deputy.

Some Strange New Folks Be Wanderin’ Into Blackwater Gulch


Gangfight Games are adding some new characters to their wild west horror game Blackwater Gulch.

Fancy New Blackwater Gulch Artwork Pops Up From Gangfight Games


Gangfight Games has shown off some fantastic artwork which will feature as the artwork for both The Wicked and the Wormwood Wardens in Blackwater Gulch.

The Tranquillity Crew Get Resculpted For Blackwater Gulch


Following on from their successful Kickstarter campaign we're getting our first look at the new Tranquility Crew sculpts for Blackwater Gulch by Gangfight Games.

Blackwater Gulch 2nd Edition Kickstarter Comes To An End


The Blackwater Gulch 2nd Edition Kickstarter from Gangfight Games comes to an end today! With only a few hours left on the clock, it's looking to become a reality.

Weekender: Awesome Icarus Prize & Star Saga; Adventures in Spaaace!


We've got a chock-a-block full show for you this week where we're talking to Mantic Games about Star Saga and Hyacinth Games about Wreck-Age too.

Horror Movie Heroes Join The Blackwater Gulch Shootout


Gangfight Games are doing well with their Kickstarter campaign for Blackwater Gulch 2nd Edition and that means some stretch goals have been unlocked adding new characters to the world.

New Blackwater Gulch Kickstarter Hits Next Monday


Gangfight Games are heading to Kickstarter on Monday to fund new miniatures, new rules and more for Blackwater Gulch, their Wild West tabletop game.

Gangfight Games Previews Two New Sculpts For The Wicked In Blackwater Gultch


Gangfight Games the mind behind Blackwater Gulch, the western / horror skirmish game, have given us a look at two new sculpts.

The Undead Rise As Next Faction For Gangfight’s Blackwater Gulch


Building on the Fantastical element within their game, Blackwater Gulch, we have another creepy crew to look forward to from Gangfight Games. Welcome The Wicked!

Gangfight Games Add More Creatures To Blackwater’s Wolfpack


Gangfight Games have added some booster packs to their webstore so you can add to the Wolfpack from Blackwatch Gulch. Some crazy howling mad creature and loping their way around the outskirts of the town preying on those who go too far...

Werewolves Coming To Blackwater Gulch From Gangfight Games


Gangfight Game Studio has an update on a future release for their werewolves for Blackwater Gultch.

Gangfight Games’ Savage Beasts Kickstarter Goes Live


If you're looking for a different type of foe for your gangs to run into in the Wild West then see what you think of Gangfight Games' Savage Beasts Kickstarter for Blackwater Gulch which is live now...

Gangfight Games’ Savage Beasts Kickstarter Hits Soon


The Skinwalkers are coming to Gangfight Games' Blackwater Gulch in the Savage Beasts Kickstarter which will be hitting very soon. You can see some of this new faction below which is made up of an array of different were-creatures...

Gangfight Games Update Rules For Blackwater Gulch


Gangfight Games the minds behind Blackwater Gulch have come out with some updates.

A Werecatcher Solves Your Pesky Werewolf Troubles From GangFight Games


Some scary creatures are making their way into Blackwater Gulch in the Savage Beasts expansion from Gangfight Games Studio- but don't worry, the good guys are not unprotected. The Werecatcher is sure to do some serious damage!

Survive the Weird West in Gangfight’s Bad Lands Game


Gangfight Games, the creators behind the wild west game Blackwater Gulch, have announced that in the coming months they will be heading to Kickstarter to create a new weird wild west board game. Can you survive in the Bad Lands?

Blackwater Gulch Is Overtaken By The Secret Fist Gang


See how this new gang for Blackwater Gulch measures up against the others. This time around we're looking at The Secret Fist who are bringing a flavour of the Far East to this deadly frontier town.

Gangfight Head Down To Blackwater With Wilde’s Rangers


Blackwater Gulch is getting supported by Wilde's Rangers and they've hired a couple of new guns to keep the peace with them.

Gangfight Games Hires The Blackwater Dockside Drifters


It's time to take control of the Blackwater Gulch docks with the Dockside Drifters. Let's go shoot up some Outlaws and clean up this town!

Aimin’ To Misbehave With Blackwater’s Tranquility Crew


See what you think about the new Tranquility Crew from Blackwater Gulch by Gangfight Games?

Blackwater Widowmakers & Hired Guns Lock N’ Load


It's time to make some of the men folk pay as The Widowmakers take to the streets of Blackwater Gulch.

Throw Your Custom Dice Around For Blackwater Gulch


Will you be shooting the deadly Colt 45 Dice when you play Blackwater Gulch?

The Unsung Hunters Come To Blackwater Gulch


Get shooting some rather odd vermin with the newest gang for Blackwater Gulch riding into town. What do you think of The Unsung?

Blackwater Gulch See Were-Creatures In The Darkness


Check out these deadly Were-creatures coming to Blackwater Gulch. Which is your favourite of these changing breeds?

The Skinwalkers Stalk Into Blackwater Gulch


Check out the new direction for Blackwater Gulch as Gangfight Games introduce the Skinwalkers to their wild west tabletop game.

Scrap Down By The Docks With The Blackwater Gulch Drifters


Check out one of the new gangs coming to Blackwater Gulch this summer from Gangfight Games. Did you pick one up during their fundraiser?

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