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By Fire & Sword


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Protect The Ottoman Caravan In Upcoming By Fire & Sword Release


Check out this new miniature/vignette from Wargamer for By Fire & Sword. Here is the Ottoman Caravan which is just crying out to be raided by an opposing army.

By Fire & Sword Task Force Expansion Pre-Orders Live


Wargamer has now made the new By Fire & Sword expansion, Task Force, available for pre-order. 

By Fire & Sword Welcoming New Cossack Skirmish Set Soon


Wargamer is going to be redoing their Cossack Skirmish Set soon with a new box which will contain all of the previous elements but add in some more Dismounted Cossacks for you to use in your games of By Fire & Sword.

New Warriors Coming To By Fire & Sword At Historicon


The fantastic 15mm wargame of By Fire & Sword welcomes a selection of new models at Historicon this year.

Face Thundering Cavalry & Cannons In By Fire & Sword This Month


By Fire & Sword welcomes some new model releases this month for a range of different factions.

Battle In Warsaw During 1656 With New By Fire & Sword Releases


By Fire & Sword welcomes some new additions to their range this month to match with a new sourcebook exploring battles during Warsaw in 1656.

Weekender XLBS: Miniatures IP Debate & Bolt Action Tanks Explored


June’s Releases Arrive On The Tabletop For By Fire & Sword


By Fire & Sword grows this month with some big releases for your games set during this lesser known period of history.

A New Sculptor Joins The By Fire & Sword Crew


By Fire & Sword have been joined by a new sculptor Kamil Milaniuk and you can see an example of his work below as he created some Polish/Hungarian Infantry with Muskets...

Carry Gubbins In Style With By Fire & Sword Dice Bags


The folks behind By Fire & Sword have added a new range of Dice Bags to their webstore along with some additional options to include Dice & Order Markers along with said bag. Here are a few of the designs...

Gather Together The Armies Of By Fire & Sword


By Fire & Sword have collected together a whole bunch of armies for you with Armies Of By Fire & Sword. If you're looking to build a new army for their 15mm range see if this contains the faction of your choice...

Wargamer Bring New Armies & Supplies To By Fire & Sword


Wargamer have added some new kits to their selection of By Fire & Sword products for this month. Kicking things off we have a look at the Swedish Skirmish Set which gives you a force ready to take to the table. See what you think of what's inside...

Gather The Armies Of By Fire & Sword In One Volume


The folks behind By Fire & Sword have announced that Armies Of By Fire & Sword: Volume One is just around the corner. This tome combines a whole selection of faction lists, new and old, into one volume where you'll be able to find everything on their skirmish groups and divisions...

By Fire And Sword Miniatures Now Available To All


By Fire and Sword was a successful Kickstarter campaign that has continued on in full release. See the new offerings they have.

Meet By Fire & Sword At Historicon Plus Exclusive Mini


By Fire & Sword are going to be at Historicon this week and they have a spiffing looking Exclusive Model for you to pick up if you are going to be heading there. Take a look at Ataman Tomaszko below...

3 Days Left On By Fire & Sword The Deluge Kickstarter!


See what you think of the list of both unlocked and locked stretch goals for By Fire & Sword's The Deluge that is closing in on it's last few days on Kickstarter.

By Fire & Sword: The Deluge Dice Sets On The Way!


By Fire & Sword is working towards funding more of the Imperial Holy Roman Empire army and some rather spiffing looking dice to go along with them and the other factions!

By Fire & Sword: The Deluge Charges Towards New Goals


Ride into battle alongside a whole load more miniatures for By Fire & Sword and their The Deluge Kickstarter. Have you helped them beat their stretch goals?

By Fire & Sword Fight The Northern War On Kickstarter


Ride out with another Kickstarter for By Fire & Sword! This time they are in the Northern War with The Deluge where you get some awesome new factions and plenty of amazing artwork and history!

Saddle Up For The New By Fire & Sword Releases For June!


See what you think of the June releases for By Fire & Sword. This game looks like it's pretty awesome and we'll be keeping an eye on it!

By Fire & Sword Pushes On To New Stretch Goals


Check out the recently bust stretch goals and what's next for By Fire & Sword on Kickstarter.

Pledge To By Fire & Sword For Historical Action


Check out the final week of Kickstarter for By Fire & Sword. It certainly looks like an epic historical wargame. Check out the new video inside!

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