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Coven: The Dark Fantasy Game


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Art Direction


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The Dark Fantasy World Of Coven Comes To Kickstarter!


The dark and twisted world of Coven from an all-star design team is currently available to dive into over on Kickstarter! See what you make of these strange and eldritch offerings from within The Cauldron! 

Sneak A Look At More Terrifying Dark Fantasy Coven Characters


Footsore Miniatures & Games are going to be helping bring Wigley, Bone, Farr & Hobday's world of Coven: The Dark Fantasy Game, to life soon via Kickstarter. With that in mind, we got a look at some more of the strange, folklore-inspired characters you'll be meeting deep in the woods...

Footsore Prepare To Bring Dark Fantasy Coven To Kickstarter


Footsore Miniatures & Games are soon going to be releasing their new game, Coven, onto Kickstarter. A new 28mm Dark Fantasy game is in the works with some stunning artwork and sculpts at its centre. 

Enjoy More Previews For Freaky Coven: The Dark Fantasy Game


Coven: The Dark Fantasy Game is coming to Kickstarter next year and introduces a brutal and terrifying world of witchcraft, folklore and horror.

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