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The November Releases Stalk Forth For Dark Age


We mentioned towards the end of last week that Dark Age was going to be showing off all manner of awesome releases for November. Well, now they are here and we're going to take a closer look.

Dark Age Welcomes A Bevvy Of Releases For November


The world of Dark Age welcomes a whole new bunch of releases for November. While we've only got a teaser right now you can watch out for more in detail soon.

Dawn Of The Dark Age: Swamping your Opponent With Puds

4 years ago 0

In today's Dawn of the Dark Age, Justin pits the nasty regenerative powers of the Brood and their Puds against Bryan's Forsaken lead by the great Jake Flay.

Dawn Of The Dark Age XLBS: When The Objectives Are Your Only Option


Justin may have had his way with the Puds against Bryan's Forsaken in Dark Age but they can only last so long. Bryan has a few tips up his sleeve to turn the game to his advantage.

Dawn Of The Dark Age: How To Run A Beast Heavy Outcast List (Outcasts VS Shadow Cast Dragyri)


Join Justin and Bryan from CoolMiniOrNot mid-game as they show off some cool tactics for the Salt Flat Nomad Outcasts.

This Beast List kills Everything! Dawn Of The Dark Age XLBS


How will the big monsters fare now we've got to know more tactics for use in Dark Age?

The New Shadow Caste Unfold From The Darkness For Dark Age


Dark Age has released a whole bunch of new models and more for the Shadow Caste Dragyri in Dark Age. A new book, cards, and plenty of characters are out now.

Weekender: Amazing Conan Unboxing & Kickstarting The Small Terrain Studio


Crush Your Foes With Dark Age’s Kukulkani Tuucha’nak


The folks at Dark Age have given us something extra awesome to look at this weekend for the Kukulkani. Here we have the Tuucha'nak.

New Dark Age Faction Starter Boxes Coming Soon!


Dark Age will be welcoming some new Starter Boxes for a few of their factions soon. Let's take a look at some of them they've already previewed...

The Kukulkani & Dragyri Bolstered With Dark Age Releases


The minds behind Dark Age have released some new miniatures this month for both the Kukulkani and the Dragyri.

Dawn Of The Dark Age: Exploring The World Map


Dawn Of The Dark Age XLBS: Dragyri vs Forsaken 500 Point Battle


Dawn Of The Dark Age: Dragyri vs Forsaken 300 Point Battle


Welcome to another battle report here on Beasts of War. Today, Dave from Cool Mini or Not will be facing off against Justin in Dark Age.

Weekender: Community Shout Outs & Chart The World Of Dark Age With New Map!


We put the call out for Beasts of War gaming teams and explore the world of Dark Age by exploring their new map.

Dawn Of The Dark Age: How To Build Warbands For Battle


In this episode of Dawn Of The Dark Age we're going to be showing you how to build your warbands for games of Dark Age.

Dawn Of The Dark Age XLBS: Expanding Your Warband For Bigger Games


We continue to look at Warbands in Dark Age as we show you how to expand your force for bigger games.

Weekender: Flying Battleships In Dropfleet Commander & Scatter Terrain Projects Explored


Hawk Wargames join us to talk Dropfleet Commander while we delve into the news AND your epic Scatter Terrain projects...

The Shadow Caste Join The Dragyri Of Dark Age [Updated]


The minds behind Dark Age have previewed some of the new models coming your way. Check out the Shadow Caste for the Dragyri!

Dawn Of The Dark Age XLBS: Offensive Tricks & Tactics For Terrain


With the defensive options discussed we talk about using terrain to your advantage on the attack!

Dawn Of The Dark Age: How To Use Terrain Defensively


While 'get behind it!' might be the obvious answer we explore the defensive capabilities of terrain in Dark Age.

Dawn Of The Dark Age XLBS: Archangel Michael – Bringing Down The Big Guys


As we head Backstage we learn how to counter the Big Guys of Dark Age like Archangel Michael.

Dawn Of The Dark Age: Archangel Michael – Devastating Tactics!


Learn how to use big guys like Archangel Michael in your games of Dark Age as we teach you the tactics of the Big Guys!

Weekender: Shattered Void Prize, Awesome Infinity Vehicles & New 4Ground Buildings in the Studio


Join us for a great Weekender with a great competition to win yourself a fantastic Shattered Void prize!

Dawn Of The Dark Age XLBS – Salt Flat Nomads Counter Tactics


In the XLBS episode for this week we start doing some research and showing off how you can counter the tactics of the Salt Flat Nomads in Dark Age.

Dawn Of The Dark Age – Salt Flat Nomads Tactics


We're back getting stuck into Dark Age and today we're going to be showing off some of the cool tactics you can use if you are a Salt Flat Nomads player in this epic game.

Snapping Beast & Whirring Machines – New Dark Age Releases!


The CORE get some new lumbering beasts and there's plenty more to enjoy this month with Dark Age!

3 Colours Up – Kukulkani Part Two


Last time we based the model ready for highlighting and shadowing, this week we're finishing up!

Dawn Of The Dark Age XLBS – Advanced Tactics & Special Rules


Come Backstage and learn about Advanced Tactics & Special Rules for use in Dark Age!

Dawn Of The Dark Age – Getting Started & Gameplay Basics


In this first episode of Dawn Of The Dark Age the guys will be taking you through the Basic Mechanics of the game...

Dark Age Look Closer At The Kukulkani Kaachika


Dark Age continue to preview more on their Kukulkani Kaachika who are going to be a new unit for this Mayan and Aztec inspired faction for their Sci-Fi game.

Take A Look Ahead To New Kukulkani Models For Dark Age


Continuing with their selection of previews for Dark Age the folks behind the game have now shown off a new Kukulkani art piece which shows off ranged units for this faction (probably my favourite!).

Weekender – 6 Kick Ass D&D Giants & Win Horus Heresy Steam Keys


Join us for another Saturday or positive discussion, a leap into the world of wargaming news and an interview with Nomad Games on their new Talisman game...

3 Colours Up: The Kukulkani – Part One


Today Romain's going to show you how to base coat the Kukulkani, blends the skintones together and delving into some Mayan history too.

Dark Age Shines A Spotlight On Lynette, Master Herder Of The Durshe


The folks at Dark Age have been sharing another of their upcoming miniatures with Lynette, Master Herder of the Durshe who comes with her own brutal weapons and some pets of her own.

May Releases For Dark Age Come With Shining Blades


Dancing and slicing their way through your ranks we have the new additions and resculpts for the world of Dark Age.

Weekender: Exclusive Dark Souls Interview & Warhammer Quest Looks Ace!


Dark Age Week – Final Spot Prize Winners Announced


It's time to announce who our final spot-prize winners from Dark Age Week. We hope you enjoy getting stuck into your prizes when they arrive at your door and we'd love for you to show off what you do with […]

Dark Age Week – Unboxing The Core


As the Dark Age themed week comes to a conclusion we have fnally The Core to unbox.

Dark Age Week: Faction Spotlight – The Core


With the whirring of machines both old and new the Core have come to find their place within the world of Samaria.

Dark Age Week – Unboxing The Brood


The Brood are an ugly but don't be fooled by their looks as they are also a ferocious faction in the world of Dark Age.

Dark Age Week: Faction Spotlight – The Brood


Strange and ruthless killers are the name of the game for The Brood. Will they be your faction of choice?

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