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DC Comics Deck Building Game



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Cryptozoic Rebirth The DC Deck-Building Game At Gen Con 2019


Cryptozoic have announced that the DC Deck-Building Game: Rebirth is on its way to GenCon, seeing simultaneous release at the event and at retailers on August 1st.

Cryptozoic Create A Crisis With New DC Deck Building Game Expansion


It's time to once again save the DC universe from Crisis as Cryptozoic will be releasing the third Crisis Expansion set for the DC Deck Building Game tomorrow!

Black Lanterns Come to DC Deck Building Game in New Expansion


A new evil is rising to threaten the DC universe and it is once again time to become a legendary super hero in order to take it down as Cryptozoic Entertainment prepare to bring out the DC Deck Building Game: Crisis 2 Expansion Pack.

Forever Evil DC Deck-Building Arrives December 3rd!


Being bad has never been more fun! December brings the villains to the front with Cryptozoic's new deck building game, Forever Evil! DC fans can play as the forces of evil as they battle for Victory Points.

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