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Speed Into Action With Jetbikes Added To Deadzone: Infestation!


See what you think of the additional stretch goals that come into play as the Deadzone: Infestation Kickstarter powers on unlocking more and more.

Weekender: AdeptiCon Live Blog & Deadzone: Infestation Kicks Off!


We had one hell of a weekend last week with the Dropzone Commander Boot Camp but that doesn't mean we're stopping! Welcome to The Weekender!

Deadzone: Infestation Kickstarter Goes Live!


The Deadzone: Infestation Kickstarter has started online from Mantic Games! See what you think of both some painted Veer-Myn AND painted Enforcer Pathfinders as well as the sweet spot pledge for the game.

Exclusive Look At New Battlezone Industrial Terrain & New Mantic Podcast!


See how the Industrial Battlezone Terrain is coming along with a look at some new renders. Do you think they'd fit into the world of Deadzone? I think so. Learn more from Ronnie too as another Kickstarter approaches!

Mantic Hints At Things to Come for Deadzone


Mantic Games gives us a teaser for what is coming next for Deadzone. Check out this trailer.

Exclusive! Deadzone Hard Plastic Veer-Myn On The Way!


Mantic Games have dropped a rather interesting data-pack in our laps! The Veer-Myn are ready to slink their way into the world of Deadzone so keep an eye out for a new hard plastic multi-part kit with their new Kickstarter.

Deadzone Pathfinders Lead The Way For Mantic This March


Mantic Games are once again heading to Kickstarter with Deadzone Infestation. In the mean time they have a whole bunch of cool new Pathfinders for you to look at AND a short story to read!

Mantic’s Incredible Crazy Box Is Almost Gone!


Mantic's Crazy Box is just about gone for another year. This weekend is your last chance to grab one.

New Hard Plastic Enforcers Lock N’ Load For Mantic’s Deadzone


Check out a rather impressive new Enforcer hard plastic kit coming out of Mantic Games for Warpath and Deadzone. If you liked the look of the Enforcers before in all their heavy armour then the Support Booster should only heighten the shiny syndrome!

Mantic Brief You On Deadzone Snipers & Striders!


See what Mantic Games have to say on the background for the Corporation Enforcers and their Striders & Snipers!

Mantic Deliver More Fluff On Forge Fathers & Enforcers


Take a trip through the fluff of Warpath and Deadzone as Mantic Games talk about both the Enforcers and Forge Fathers for both of their games set in the far future.

Learn More About The Forge Fathers Of Deadzone


See what you think of a bit of the back story behind the Forge Father Brokkr that you'll be encountering in the Deadzone. If you haven't heard of the faction before then this mighty get you interested.

Weekender: Ronnie Renton Talks Kings Of War & More!


On this episode of The Weekender we have one of our favourite guests, Ronnie Renton! He's dropped by to talk about the Kings of War Kickstarter, DreadBall, Dungeon Saga, Deadzone and even a little bit about Warpath for next year!

Forge Fathers Available For Pre-order For Deadzone.


Mantic Games continues to pull out all the stops, this time bring us the soon to be released Forge Fathers faction for Deadzone.

Mantic’s Dave Shows How To Kit Bash Plague Zombies!


Mantic Games' Dave sits down for some more Hobby Tips and this time around he is putting together some Plague Zombies and showing how easy it is to kit bash!

Mantic Hints Towards Upcoming Kickstarters And Others.


Mantic Games is hinting at upcoming projects. Are you as excited as I am about the possibilities?

How To Paint A Deadzone Plague Commander Part 4!


It's time for the grand finale of Romain's masterful painting tutorial on How to Paint a Deadzone Plague Commander from Mantic Games in a unique and interesting style inspired by H.R. Giger!

A Whole Host Of Characters Head To Mantic’s Deadzone!


Pick up some cool looking characters for the world of Deadzone thanks to Mantic Games as October comes to a close!

Undead Take Over Deadzone in the Contagion Expansion


The undead have taken over the streets in Mantic's Deadzone and now each faction has to fight to survive! The Contagion expansion introduces the element of solo play into the already amazing world of Deadzone by incorporating zombies and and AI deck.

Sci-Fi Zombies Lurch Out Of Mantic Games For Deadzone!


A massive zombie outbreak has hit Mantic Games and soon you're going to be overrun by these deadly Plague Zombies in Deadzone!

How To Paint A Deadzone Plague Commander Part 1!


Welcome to another tutorial with out fantastic painter Romain. Today he's getting to grips with the Plague Commander from Deadzone, and he plans to paint up this monstrous creature in a rather H.R. Giger style. That sounds like it's going to turn out, dark, creepy and horrifyingly beautiful!

Deadzone THE Article: Embedded With The Rebs!


This time around on Deadzone THE Article we're joining a news team embedded with the Rebs on a raid into enemy territory. Check out this fantastic narrative take on exploring this faction of miscreants!

Mantic Prepare Their Asterian & Forge Father Sets For Deadzone


The Asterians and the Forge Fathers are preparing to enter the Deadzone with two deals that are now up for pre-order.

Deadzone THE Article: Mech-aleka-hi Mech-aheini-ho!


This time around with Deadzone THE Article the guys take a look at our obsession with the Mech, the Walker, the Battlesuit and how the new additions to Deadzone are going to fit into the game itself!

Sneak A Peek At A Whole Host Of Deadzone Minis Coming Soon


Data has come in on some new miniatures for Deadzone and Tales of a Tabletop Skirmisher posted up these neat images of Forge Fathers, Asterians and even Enforcers. Is your shiny syndrome in overdrive?

Mantic Games Take A Sneak Peek Inside Deadzone Incursion


Some more details have arrived in another sneak peek inside the pages of Deadzone: Incursion. What kind of games do you think you'll be playing with the two new factions of Forge Fathers and Asterians?

Mantic’s Deadzone Competiton & The Awesome Stuntbot!


Mantic Games have shown off the awesome looking Stuntbot Walker for the Marauders in Deadzone and also started up a competition where you could win a whole load of goodies for the game!

The Strider Powers Into Deadzone In Mantic Games Preview!


Fire up the awesome Striders for Deadzone and get started on one of these for the Enforcers, Plague or indeed Rebs in Warzone maybe too! How many of these are on your shiny syndrome wishlist?

VLOG: Mantic’s Ronnie In The Studio To Talk About Upcoming Releases


Hi Backstagers here's a short update for you to let you know Ronnie Renton from Mantic has been in the studio to shoot a set of new videos all about a range of new releases coming soon and he's been […]

Deadzone THE Article: Ransacking The Cult Of The New


The Deadzone THE Podcast guys take a moment to reflect on the rapid growth of Deadzone and ponder as to whether or not it will have the staying power. See what they think inside and of course drop your own opinions in the comments below!

Mantic Focuses In On Deadzone Expansion & Mars Attacks


See what the future holds for Mantic when it comes to Mars Attacks and Deadzone. I do love the look of those Brokkr and can't wait to see more Forge Fathers!

Mantic Games Build The Blasted Ruins Of The Far Future


See what you think of the Mantic Ruins Terrain coming very soon to a tabletop near you. Deadzone players are going to be loving this. We also might have some sneaky plans for the future with this stuff!

Deadzone THE Article: Enforcers; Per Spatio, Per Stellam


The folk behind Deadzone THE Podcast are back this month to talk about the [wonderful] Enforcers! These [awesome individuals] have some [epic] hardware to bring to the tabletop. [xxx-Official Corporate Article Approved For Issue-xxx]

Mega Mantic Open Day Hitting On May 17th!


See what's going to be on offer at the next Mantic Open Day coming at you this weekend, May 17th!

Deadzone THE Article: A Plague By Any Other Name


It's time to embrace the Plague, at least that's what Rob & Jake are thinking in this months installment of Deadzone THE Article. Have you fully given yourself over to the next stage of human evolution?

Mantic’s Future Plans Revealed By Ronnie Renton!


Ronnie is spilling a whole bunch of beans in this second exclusive video we did with him behind closed doors at AdeptiCon!

More Deadzone, New Terrain & May Open Day From Mantic!


A whole bunch of fancy Mantic stuff is coming out over the next few weeks and months and there is also an Open Day hitting in mid-May 2014!

More Deadzone Faction Troops On The Way From Mantic


See what you think of the epic looking Forge Guard that will be stomping and smashing their way into the world of Deadzone soon.

Deadzone THE Article: The Future’s So Bright We Need Shades


Rob & Jack take a look at the developments across the entire of the Warpath universe and how they might influence the future of Deadzone. It sure looks promising!

We Get Xtreme with Dreadball and Much, Much More!!!


Deadzone: Marauder Faction Breakdown!


It's time to delve into the final faction breakdown for Deadzone as Warren and James discuss the deceptively intelligent Marauders.

Deadzone: Rebs Faction Breakdown!


It's once again time for Warren and James to sit down and discuss another faction from the world of Deadzone!

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