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Dragon Age RPG


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Green Ronin Taking Pre-Orders For Dragon Age: Faces Of Thedas


Green Ronin are currently taking pre-orders for the print version of Dragon Age: Faces Of Thedas, a new tool for Game Masters to use when planning our adventures in the Dragon Age universe.

Never Done Pen & Paper Role-Playing? Try These For Size…


Green Ronin Put Dragon Age RPG Ultimate Edition Up For Pre-Order


The Dragon Age RPG Ultimate Edition is up for pre-order on the Green Ronin webstore alongside the Core Rules. Will you be picking up this rather fancy edition of this neat role-playing game?

Green Ronin Compile The Dragon Age RPG Rules Into One!


See what the cover to the new Dragon Age RPG Core Rulebook looks like and get your wallets ready Inquisition fans!

Green Ronin’s Dragon Age RPG Set III Now Exists In The World!


It's official (well almost)! Green Ronin's Dragon Age RPG Set III is coming to your tabletop in physical form really soon!

Green Ronin Start Pre-Orders For Dragon Age Set 3


Take Dragon Age Set 3 to the tabletop soon as pre-orders begin for the next step in the Dragon Age saga.

Dragon Age RPG Set 3 Details & Ultimate Edition Announced!


Some more details of Dragon Age Set 3 have emerged as well as news of an Ultimate Edition on the way! Will you pick up Set 3 or wait for the big bumper pack?

Dragon Age RPG Set 3 Previews Begin From Green Ronin!


The first few pages of the new Set 3 for the Dragon Age RPG have been previewed over on Green Ronin and while it's not much it has me excited!

Roll For Stunts With New Dragon Age Dice Set


Green Ronin have put their Dragon Age Dice Set up for pre-order on their webstore. Get ready to start stunting all over the place thanks to your epic Dragon Dice.

Dragon Age Dice & Set Three Coming Soon From Green Ronin!


See what you think of these snazzy new dice that should be coming out alongside Set Three for the Dragon Age RPG!

RPG Review: Dragon Age – Blood In Ferelden


With Set I and Set II reviewed I take a look at an important weapon in the Game Masters arsenal, pre-made adventures! Let's explore Blood In Ferelden for the Dragon Age RPG.

RPG Review: Dragon Age Set II


I take a look through the second role-playing set for the Dragon Age RPG by Green Ronin. New Backgrounds, Specialisations, Equipment and more can be found within and I think it's a key bit of kit for Games Masters and Players alike.

Green Ronin Preview Dragon Age Set 3 Class Art


Check out some previews from Green Ronin for the next step in the Dragon Age RPG Saga.

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