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Dragonbond: Battles Of Valerna


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Dragonbond: Battles Of Valerna! Why You Should Get Into Alessio Cavatore’s New Wargame


Draco Studios have been working with the awesome Alessio Cavatore on a brand new wargame based in the Dragonbond universe. Discover why you should be getting into Dragonbond: Battles Of Valerna, an entirely 3D Printable wargame featuring stunning miniatures and intriguing game mechanics.

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Draco Studios’ Dragonbond: Battles Of Valerna Hits Kickstarter!


Draco Studios' Dragonbond: Battles Of Valerna is now live on Kickstarter. This is a brand new wargame set in Draco Studios' Dragonbond universe that has been penned by Alessio Cavatore and features entirely 3D Printable armies for a range of factions. 

Full 3D Printable Wargame, Dragonbond: Battles Of Valerna!


Draco Studios are talking about a return to Kickstarter soon with their entirely 3D Printable wargame, Dragonbond: Battles Of Valerna. The world of Dragonbond has been expanding and developing over the years with roleplaying games, board games, comics and more. Now, Alessio Cavatore's Battles Of Valerna is getting set to hit tabletops for mass battle goodness.

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